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I made a Photoshop Action...

Yes! A Photoshop Action! I created a Action, which I named STANDING PHOTO EFFECT. This was my first attempt at creating a PS Action. It is wonderful to use a nicely made action by others but it is more exciting & a great learning experience to create one!

My Action can be downloaded from following link at Adobe Studio EXchange. You have to be a member over there to download this. There are different set of Actions for Landscape & Portrait images(Example1 & Example2). This Action creates a nice standing photo effect of your image with shadows.

Besides, my this post would be incomplete without mentioning the name of Panos Efstathiadis of Panosfx.
Luckily, I came to know about his website from Adobe Exchange.My PS Action is inspired & influenced by his style of writing Actions (but I know I still have to learn a lot!). His tutorial on PS Action (link) is simply a must have if you aim to design a Action. I thank him for that & for his guidance & suggestions. Just check out his website for awesome PS Actions, it's a site that offers some of the best photoshop actions that you can find for free. And, he is not only generous in sharing his Actions but also in sharing his knowledge.

So, just check it out & give your comments on the same. And if you have any idea (am lagging at ideas atm lol) & want to convert it in Action just hit the comment box below & let me know...I would try to do it!

I also created a V2 LINK of my same Action, so that it is compatible with PS CS version & Mac OS. I would also thank Jennifer aka velvis for testing it for Mac OS.....thats so sweet of her!

Well, wrote a Photoshop Tutorial

A week ago, I wrote a Photoshop tutorial for 13 Dots, of which I am a member since sometime now.So, if you are a Photoshop enthusiast you may like to click on the link Turn images into shapes.

I had seen a image efect in a magazine, & thought to do it myself too! So, I stumbled upon this technique after some trial & errors in Photoshop. But, ofcourse I do believe that there are more than one way of doing things in Photoshop!

So, go check out that tute & yes 13 Dots have many nice tutes too!

And changed it !

Okay, so finally changed the template to white background plus added some self-made graphics.
Will change header & all later on;)

BTW, I got a surprise gift from deviantART, a free 7-day happily browsing through!

See Ya!

Wanna change it!

Thinking of changing the looks of my blog.....want to change this template.

I choosed the present one because I liked it color, but lately I want this blog to be little more systematic...with categories, some nice header image etc. Maybe, I will create one or choose a readymade one & change it the way I want. Still, am little sceptical whether it will be compatible with or not!

Anyway, it all depends on the free time I can get between my studies & work......but yes, sooner or later will experiment on that.

So, if any of you,the readers like to suggest me something or a little titbit of advice on it, will be comment box is always opened for opinions!